Hi there, fellow travellers and/or accountants!

I’m Kim, a dedicated accountant working for one of the Big 4 Consulting firms in Belgium. Wooow… blew it right there, didn’t I? Mixing the words “accountant” and a small country like “Belgium” into one sentence for people who are looking for travel insights – not the best way to go… But, it’s true and because of my modest origin and rather everyday life, I’m looking for something totally different when it comes to my annual (actually bi-annual) holidays.

I always travel together with my adventurous husband. He’s in IT, so again – everything but thrilling – but we love to experience new and exciting stuff all around the world. What’s the common theme of all of our travels? Adventure meets comfort. We are not looking for a 5+ star luxury hotel during the length of our holiday, but nor will we backpack our entire way through a country. We mix it up, keeping our holiday pretty affordable yet comfortable. And as we want to make most of our time away, we try to cover all main highlights during our stay – you never know if you ever get the chance to go back! So far we’ve been able to do all this in all continents (except for the Poles)…

So, if the above is in line with how you like to travel and if you’re looking for some inspiration: welcome and have a look around. I’ve just started this blog, so content will be limited for now, but I’m working on it – so more to follow!


We like to look at the different things we have seen, done and experienced during our vacations as achievements (i.e. “achievies”). They can relate to nearly everything: the number of countries visited, the different species of wildlife encountered, the iconic buildings or monuments gazed at, the thrilling adventurous activities we engaged in… you name it. Here below I’ve shared mine – hope they can be an inspiration. And please let me know which achievie(s) you want to promote, so we can build them in one of our next trips!