The iconic Acropolis of Athens

What would a visit to Athens be without going to the Acropolis to see the Parthenon? They say it’s the most perfect building built by the world’s most advanced civilization, so we needed to check it out.

You can take a tour or wander up there yourself. If you can choose, they say it’s better to go early morning or late in the afternoon because of the temperature and the dramatic effect of the sun. We didn’t have much choice, being on a cruise and needing to stick to the operating hours.

Getting to the Acropolis is easy because of the pedestrian streets, car-less and enjoyable, if it wouldn’t be swamped with tourists… After the first part slightly uphill, the actual work begins and it takes about 150 steps to the top.

Then you arrive at the entrance (or the Propylaea) and you get a first good glimpse of the marvellous venue. I won’t go into the details, there’s better places to learn about the background of this master peace – I’ll just let you enjoy the pictures…

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