The ideal getaway to get pampered after your Nanga Sumpa experience

Aiman Batang Ai Resort & Retreat is the ideal getaway to relax and digest the fun experiences gained during your visit to the Iban people in the Nanga Sumpa longhouse (see previous post).



Being operated by Hilton before 2016, the resort is located at the fringe of the Batang Ai National Park and counts 100 rooms designed in the traditional longhouse style.

The rooms are spacious and have all the luxury you need. No limitations on power supply, air-conditioning (yes!), enough closet space to spend a few nights and even a TV if you’d get ever sick of the pristine surroundings.




Food is amazing. Breakfast is served as a buffet, while lunch and dinner are served à-la-carte. Although there’s an option to dine inside, you’d be crazy to not enjoy the delicious dishes looking out on the lake or sitting by the pool at lunch.

If you can’t get enough of the rice wine, they have it there too! To be honest, the one from the Iban village was better (sweeter), though – but anyway.



We only stayed one night (arriving at around 11am and leaving again after breakfast the next morning), so had to choose our battles. After lunch we explored the area of the resort and took the time to get some pictures. We were also hunting down some bats – eureka!

Afterwards it was time to relax at the pool – taking the last seat in the shadows (man, it’s hot in Borneo!) and enjoying the (not so fresh) water.

In the late afternoon we enlisted for a canopy walk / nature walk, starting from the pool area. For about 1,5 hours a guide told us all about the local fauna and flora.

We were also considering to take a night walk, to see the night life in action (all kinds of big insects), but because of another round of thunder, this was cancelled. So we enjoyed a long lazy dinner instead – no worries.

If you stay longer than one night, there’s a lot of other options – of course the visit to the Iban longhouse by longboat or the waterfall as we did the days before, a morning walk in the misty rainforest, going fishing or kayaking and so much mure. Full list of activities, including prices can be found here.