Top 5 things to do in Oahu, Hawaii


Pearl Harbor


What can we say about one of the most historical places on this planet? Even though we have learned all about it in history classes, being there and feeling whatever it is that you feel there, is difficult to describe. We booked the “Passport to Pearl Harbor” tour, providing us access to the 4 historic destinations; being the USS Arizona Narrated tour, the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park, the Battleship Missouri Memorial and the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor. In order to enjoy it to the fullest and allowing you sufficient time, make sure to block the full day.

Hanauma Bay
Big Island, Hawaii - Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park - Sea Turtle
Where to spot turtles in Hawaii?

If you ask my husband, he sticks with Hawaii as being his favourite holiday so far. There's of course a lot to love about Hawaii and one of the reasons is its fauna and flora, with sea turtles being one of them… Hanauma Bay, Oahu Snorkelling is the most popular...

Ka’ena Point


Ka’ena Point is the North Western tip of Oahu. It’s actually a Natural Area Reserve and part of the Ka’ena State park, which has a gated section to keep away dogs to protect the wildflife.  You can park the car in the parking lot just in front of the start of the trail (at the end of Farrington highway).

It was our first hike on Hawaiian soil (about 4 km) and we enjoyed it very much. It was hot – no shade at all – and windy, so be prepared for that. And make sure to take your camera – you’ll need it!

The area is known for monk seals, whale watching and the albatross. We did see a monk seal (unique in Hawaii) and of course breath-taking views. Although it’s a return trip, we found that the scenery is different when going back. Either way, the rugged environment and amazing ocean views never get old…

Your own private beach


More beaches than you can count in Hawaii! Waimea Bay Beach Park, Makaha Beach Park and Hanuma Bay are all great (and that’s on the islan of Oahu alone), but our stop at Malaekahana Bay was actually the best, as we got the beach entirely for ourselves! What’s more to ask? The ideal place to goof around without anyone staring at us!

Diamond Head


Man, did we (ok – mostly me) huff & puff on the Diamond Head Summit Trail! Again – nothing but sunshine beating down on us and that made the only 2 km trail a lot more difficult than you would think. As it’s a summit, of course it’s quite steep as well.

It’s the most popular trail on the island and that was pretty clear – a lot of people on there! The round trip starts from the middle of the Diamond Head volcano crater. It’s a combination of paved road, stairs, a tunnel and then finally the bunker on top of the rim from which you have an incredible 360 degrees views of the island. All more than worth it!