Where to find sloths in the wild?

Taking it easy in Panama


On our cruise through the Panama canal, of course Panama itself was one of the stops. We signed up for 2 tours. The first one took us to see the actual working of the locks from the observation deck (mostly for my husband), the other one was an eco tour through the islands that surround Gatun Lake (which I enjoyed a lot more!)

A kayak took us along the lake, showing us crocodiles, monkeys and yes – sloths! Not easy to spot high up in the trees, that’s for sure! But our guide pointed us a few of them. It’s hard to see what’s the front and what’s the back of the animal, actually. They’re really hanging there – not moving a muscle. Such a strange fellah… We really had to zoom in quite a bit to get a good shot, but were so happy to have seen them in the wild.

Hugging a sloth in Cartagena


We actually saw another one in Colombia, but as this wasn’t in the wild, it actually doesn’t count… Also, we’re not really a fan of these animals being used as a tourist attraction like that, but this time really couldn’t resist. Just look at that cute grandpa face!

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