The 5 best nature hikes in West Canada


Kinney Lake Trail


Kinney Lake is one of the Valemount trails in Mount Robson Provincial Park in British Colombia. It’s a rather easy trail and offers amazing views on the lake, at the base of Mount Robson.

We saw quite some deer foot prints, but eventually spotted a porcupine on our way back, at the other side of the small river.

Three Joffre Lakes Trail


Without exaggerating, the 3 Joffre Lakes at the centre of the Joffre Lakes Provincial Park are the most stunning lakes we’ve seen so far. As you move from the lower to the higher lakes, they get increasingly more beautiful, with the most turquoise water. The third one is really breath-taking, with the Maler Glacier rising above it. The incredible views really make the rough hike worthwhile, but I must admit – it wasn’t always too easy for me. It’s about 5,5 km up to the third lake. Although it can get tricky, make sure to endure and make your way up to the last one!

Lake Louise – Hike to the Plain of the 6 Glaciers


This hike is one of Banff National Park’s classic hikes which is an 14,2km round trip. It starts at Chateau Lake Louise, which is really crowded because of the hundreds of people streaming off of the tour buses to take pictures of Lake Louise and the mountains behind. The lakeshore trail to the far end of Lake Louise is a very easy path and can therefore also be pretty crowded. After this point however, it gets a lot more quite.

At a certain point it started to snow quite a bit, so the views got a bit more foggy and therefore we decided to return before not being able to find our way back as the trail itself also got less distinctive. Beautiful scenery, though!

Parker Ridge Trail
Jasper National Park, Canadian Rockies, Canada - Overlander Mountain Lodge
Jasper National Park, Alberta – Hiker’s paradise

Great start of the day   The day that Jasper National Park was on the agenda, started beautifully… To begin with, we had a tasty breakfast with an incredible view @ the Stone Peak Restaurant of the Overlander Mountain Lodge. Then, when hitting the road, we were greeted by a...

Blackcomb Mountain trails in Whistler
Whistler, BC, Canada - Blackcomb Mountain Trails - hiking
Best hiking in Canada @ Whistler

Other Countries we visited Have a look at the other countries we ‘achievied’ to visit, and other Achievies…

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Other Countries we visited

Have a look at the other countries we ‘achievied’ to visit, and other Achievies