Our 5-Day NYC Trip – Day 3: Harlem & Upper East Side

On day 3 we had a Harlem Gospel Tour planned (organized by Inside Out Tours). This started in the morning, so we took the subway up to 125 street and then walked about 10 blocks by foot until the meeting point at 135 street.

The tour as such took about 2 hours, in which Meredith covered some Harlem highlights in a 5 block radius, highlighting various churches, the Apollo theater and some other iconic places. In the meantime she passionately shared everything you want to know about the history of gospel and the African American community in the US in general. Just before 11am we entered the church of Salem where we got to follow a service, with some excellent singing. Not 100% sure it’s all that authentic, as there were a lot of tourists in the church – like 90 to 95% of all visitors. So it felt like a tourist attraction, but can be wrong.

Afterwards we headed back from Harlem through the Morningside Heights – Morningside Park. Colombia University, to the start of Central Park (North Woods). In Central Park over the Ravine to Conservation Garden. Exiting Central Park to East Harlem, Yorkville and up to Upper East Side, through Park avenue and Madison Avenue up to Times Square area and finally the hotel.

Tips we want to share
• The walk in and afterwards from Harlem back to the Chelsea district is about 25km
• You’re asked not to take any pictures or video in the church during the mess, but nearly everyone does and they don’t seem to mind. You’re also asked to stay for the entire service and not walk about during, as this is pretty disturbing

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