Universal Studios present: Halloween Horror Nights 2018

Scarry, scarrier, scarriest… I love a good horror movie and so we didn’t think twice when we saw that Universal Studios were holding their annual Halloween Horror Nights when we were there.

The ticket allows you access to may haunted houses and a few attractions. The fear starts at 6.30 and can last until 2am (depending on the date – some nights it only lasts until 1am). As the ticket warns you: make sure you get there in time. There quite some traffic heading to the park and the parking area, so it will take you longer than expected. We arrived at around 6pm, so we had a little time left to grab something to eat at The Walk.

When waiting to enter the park, where you have to scan your ticket, we already heard chainsaw noises welcoming the foolish mortal visitors making their way to the horror that was waiting for them.

We started the fun with our first scary house named Poltergeist. When we got to the line the waiting time was 30 minutes. While waiting we had fun checking out the “costumes” of our fellow horror fans. Although the instructions said no costumes, a lot of people put on a special outfit for the occasion and / or applied some scary-looking make-up. We had a couple of teenagers and 2 younger sisters in front of us, which was really helpful to get an idea of where the horrific creatures were hiding throughout the house. Screams all over the place. But although you would think that takes the surprise factor away, I still got startled many times. I’m such a wuss… hiding behind my husband the whole time. But a lot of fun!

We then went to the Transformers 3D/4D ride, which was really good. Then the Fast & Furious – Supercharged thrill ride. Waiting time was very limited here.

When getting from one zone to another be aware of zombies, scare crows, killing clowns and psychopaths crossing your way and trying to scare you. Actually, I liked this part the most. As it was dark after we had exited the Poltergeist terrifying house, it really brought a sinister vibe to a place which is always so joyful. The enchanted forest with scary pumpkin lights up in the trees was my favorite – just don’t get startled by the bigger scary pumpkin guys hiding in the shadows along the road waiting for an innocent victim to pass by. Oh, and the Chucky area right behind it is awesome too. The creepy ballerina stares you down the whole time – freaky!

Of course we could not skip the Horrors of Blum House scary house, as this was co-made by the haunted mind behind The First Purge (and the one of Happy Death Day, but don’t know that one). Just loved the intro with the typical Purge announcement and blaring sound of death awaiting you…

As the waiting time for all attractions only got longer (for some it was over 2 hours!), we did the Men in Black Alien Attack interactive shooting ride, which I personally didn’t like too much. Finally we explored the Harry Potter area with the Escape from Gringotts thrill ride, which was a lot better. As it was almost midnight by then and we had had a long day, we called it a scary night and went home for some surprisingly peaceful sleep.

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