Our 5-Day NCY Trip – Day 5: Shopping bonanza!


One World Museum


In order to avoid the crowds, we made our way to One World Museum early in the morning. Absolutely recommend to spend an hour or two there.



When time allows you, make sure to take one additional day to take things easy.

When we had a rainy day, we got our shopping going. The US is my husband favorite (and only) place to buy some new garderobe. And as usual we wanted to score the biggest discounts, so we stayed away from the luxury boutiques, but got more than we needed at the following 3 stores:

  • Century 21 Department store – 22 Cortland Str (Lower Manhattan)
  • Macy’s – 151W 34th (Chelsea District)
  • Nordstrom Rack – 60 E 14th Str (Union Square)

Also, you want to check out the M&M’s World at 1600 Broadway – love the original gifts you can get there, like personalized M&M’s.

Other Countries we visited
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