Torres del Paine Trekking: Paine Grande to Britanico & back + to Los Cuernos


This post describes day 3 of our 5-day trekking adventure in Las Torres National Park. To get to the main article describing the entire trip, take a look here.

Day 3 of our adventure


This third day of the 5-day trekking was a bit more challenging:

· Distance: 25,3km

· Time spent: 8h40

· Total elevation gain: 700m

The hike from Paine Grande to Italiano is quite easy (7,5km in 2h). Ideal to get warmed up before starting the ascent to Britanico. Make sure to drop your bags at Italiano ranger station. Although they told us this was possible, we missed it (you actually don’t see the ranger station when coming from Paine Grande). We were so anxious to start the ascent (where you go from around 200m to a little less than 800m) that we just forgot it – I know, silly.

The hike up to Britanico outlook offers amazing views. You come across a Frances lookout and a Britanico stop along the way. Actually, if you would get tired or in time pressure or anything like that and you would doubt making the full trip, I would recommend to go until the Britanico stop, just before the Britanico lookout. The lookout (end of the hike) is great, of course, but not the most astonishing sight of the 5 day hike, to be honest. You already get absolutely amazing views from the 2 stops in between. And the last part between Britanico and the lookout is the most challenging of that day’s hike.

Getting back is easier, for sure. But once you’ve passed the Italiano ranger station, it’s still surprisingly long before you get to Los Cuernos camp site. Have to admit our feet (and backs) were killing us by the time we arrived. Man, we were glad when we made it to our tent and laid down for just a little while…

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