Something different in Thailand: Monkey Temple & Golden Triangle

After visiting a lot of temples and before heading off to our last 3 days of total relaxation at Hua Hin, we paid a last day visit to the Monkey Temple in Chiang Rai and the Golden Triangle.


Monkey Temple (Wat Tham Phra)


It’s exactly what it sounds like: an old temple, full of monkeys. Like I said, we had seen plenty of temples the past 10 days, so we were all about the monkeys – macaques to be more precise.

Be aware – they grab any food they can get!

Golden Triangle

Afterwards, we paid a visit to – again – one of the tourist highlights: the Golden Triangle, where the borders of Myanmar, Laos and Thailand come together. It’s well known for the growing of opium.

Short Laos visit


In the afternoon, we paid a short visit to Laos, by taking a boat over the Mekong River. Nothing fancy, to be honest. Wouldn’t recommend to spend much time on it.

Other Countries we visited

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