Torres del Paine Trekking: From Los Cuernos to Las Torres Hotel to Chileno


This post describes day 4 of our 5-day trekking adventure in Las Torres National Park. To get to the main article describing the entire trip, take a look here.

Day 4 of our adventure


After the more strenuous hike of the day before and what was still to come the day after, we intentionally took it “easy” on our fourth day. We only got up at 7.30, which was amazing. Breakfast was a lot less crowded too.

· Distance: 16,6km

· Time spent: 5h30

· Total elevation gain: for first part only 50m in total (although 400m when actually including all ups and downs) and 400m to get from Las Torres hotel to Chileno

You can actually take another route to Chileno, which is not passing Las Torres hotel. This would actually be somewhat shorter. As we had all the time in the world and wanted to foresee a decent bathroom stop (and a tasty hot chocolate) along the way, we opted for the little detour. It’s not entirely clear how much longer this is – we expect about 1/2 hour.

The most difficult part of this day certainly was the end (from Las Torres hotel to Chileno). It’s quite steep. Although some younger fellas were almost running up the hill, I took it rather easy. If you’re doing it at your own pace, you’ll be fine. I never nearly “died”.

When that part’s over, you think you’re almost there. That’s always dangerous as in that state of mind every little bump is too much. Our feet (and knees in my case) were killing us by that time (again), so when we had to overcome the pebbles and rocks on the beach, it certainly didn’t go as fluently as before.

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