Exploring Bruny Island, Tasmania by bike


Bruny Island is a small island a bit over 50 km long. It’s a haven for wildlife – it’s the only place where you can stumble into the albino wallaby – so that’s how it got our attention. You get there by ferry, from Kettering. You take the ferry from Kettering to Robert’s Point, including car (which costs 38 AUD) or without. In the latter case the price is zero, unless you take a bike, then it’s only 6 AUD (return).

Bruny Island would be one of the more convenient locations to see the Southern lights. As it was quite cloudy when we were there, we didn’t even try to see it.

If you like to explore the area differently than by walking, you can rent a bike, as we did. Go to cyclybrunyisland.com.au. The price is 185 AUD for  2 ebikes traditional peddles for 24 hours. The roads on the island are not as flat as we thought, but with the ebikes it was quite ok.

As we didn’t have the best weather though (very cloudy with some rain), we didn’t go as far as we initially wanted to. We got up to “The Neck”, where you can see penguins (but we didn’t) and you have some great views of the area from the lookout point.

Overnight, we stayed at the Free Spirit Pods, which was ideal for relaxing. The area is very much known for oysters, which we tried at the Get Shucked Oyster Farm and Oyster Bar (yummy!).

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